It helps to talk

Seven years experience running communications departments for large public sector organisations gave me the ability both to think strategically, and to focus on getting things done. It also taught me the importance of creating good two way communications with all your stakeholders.

As director of communications at Kingston University in South West London, I ran teams covering media, web, design, publications, corporate communications, internal communications and market research. I revitalised communications, creating a more authentic, less PR style of marketing and reputation building. I moved internal communications from an add on function to a central pillar of the organisation,  and increased media coverage so we outperformed our competitors.

My two years as Director of Communications for the seven hospitals making up UCL Hospitals NHS Trust were dramatic times. A couple of months after my arrival we  opened one of the largest new hospitals in the UK, leading to a £36 million deficit. A few weeks later we were one of the receiving hospitals for casualties from the 7/7 bombings. A year later the world’s press returned when we treated the poisoned former KGB spy, Alexander Litvinenko.

I can create readable and intelligent publications (as well as writing them); mastermind engaging events; handle the world’s media in good times and bad; develop key messages and communications campaigns, and turn my hand to most things. And I’m very good at persuading senior people that communications matter.

Since going freelance, I’ve written a briefing paper on student communications for the Higher Education Academy, developed Bournemouth University’s organisational story, written and edited Kingston Business School’s alumni magazine and produced a report on the opportunities provided by the reconfigeration of one of Kingston’s academic faculties.

What I offer

Writing, editing, event development, internal communications, media strategy, crises handling, branding guidence, video production, stakeholder communications, internal communications and almost anything you can think of.