Film making

Telling stories through film

Having spent 25 years learning the craft of making entertaining and accessible films about complex subjects, I have recently formed a film making cooperative, Forgebank Films, with Frances Bowen, an experienced film editor and camera woman, whose skills compliment my own.

Frances spent 25 years as a film and video editor working for the BBC and independent production companies before retraining as a camera operator and sound recordist.  For the past five years Frances has been producing short videos, with a focus on eco living and eco building.

We started our collaboration making a film about the pioneering eco community near Lancaster where we both now live.

Authentic film making

Our  strong editorial backgrounds means that, as well as having creative film making skills, we also know how to tell a story and how to help others tell theirs.  Our approach is to bring the techniques of documentary film making to short promotional and educational videos and so give them an authentic feel.

My years of experience interviewing people from all walks of life means I know how to draw the best out of people. Frances and I are passionate that our films should be both entertaining and informative, should say something that matters and be truthful.

Using film to tell your story

Film touches people’s emotions, and enables them to understand complex ideas at an instinctive level.  When Director of Communications at Kingston University, I used this power of film to help staff understand the organisation’s ambitions.

When the University launched its new strategy, I commissioned a series of films called Kingston Stories. These films focused on a few stories of students, alumni, staff and partners who were already delivering the objectives contained in the strategy.  They conveyed the strategy in a way words could not, and received a standing ovation at the strategy launch event.

Watch the Kingston Story videos
Hampton Court Palace
Jamal Osman
The green motorbike
Illustrator Jake Abraams
Gail Emms
The Rose Theatre