media credits and reviews


Media Credits include:

My Week in the Real World, where MPs stepped into the shoes of an ordinary member of the public including When Michael Portillo became a Single Mum which got one of BBC2’s highest audiences that year;

Michael Cockerell’s intimate film profiles of leading politicians Roy Jenkins and Michael Foot

News from Number Ten, a behind-the-scenes film about Alastair Campbell and the Downing Street news machine during Tony Blair’s premiership;

Best of Enemies, Lord Kennth Baker looks at Anglo-French and Anglo-German relations through the eyes of cartoonists;

Norland Nannies, six part docu-soap for Channel 4 about the training of Britain’s top nannies;

This Week, Death on the Rock – BAFTA winning international current affairs programme

Witness – life on the margins, Jonathan Dimbleby series about inner city life;

Dispatches; Public Eye, Biteback, Children Behaving Badly, Europe Express, Visions, Thames Reports


Media reviews/previews  

In Search of Tony Blair

“A beacon in the television weekend” – The Times

“The best critique of the PM I have ever seen” – The Guardian


When Michael Portillo Became a Single Mum

“I really love this film, brilliant” – Jane Root, controller of BBC2

“Alison Cahn’s beautifully cast film succeeded in its higher aim of illuminating the character of both mums, the real one and the TV fake.” Andrew Billen, New Statesman.


News from Number Ten

“News from Number Ten was like Changing Rooms, poking its nose in places it wasn’t supposed to” – Michael Brunson, Sunday Express

“Superb” – Will Self, The Independent

“The most important bit of TV on Blair since his election.” – editorial, The Sun.


From Walpole’s Bottom to Major’s Underpants

“Absorbing and irreverent” – The Observer

“Intriguing, a series as good as its title” – The Times

“If you’d told me last week I’d be watching a programme inspired by an idea from  Kenneth Baker in which he appears in fancy dress and I’ll love it, I’d have taken your temperature.” – A.A.Gill, the Sunday Times.


Norland Nannies

“Compulsively watch able…extraordinary viewing ” – Jaci Stephen, Daily Mail

“Right from the opening titles this was an engaging documentary, and one which doubles as a clandestine investigation of the English class system.”  – Victor Lewis-Smith, Evening Standard


A Very Social Democrat

“Absorbing, a programme of rare quality” – David Mellor, Daily Express.

“The event of the television weekend” – Sean Day Lewis, The Daily Telegraph

“A compelling film” – Sunday Times


Death on the Rock

“Anyone who thinks investigative journalism is dead, should remember the name Alison Cahn” – The Journalists Handbook 1988


Written journalism examples

The Guardian Environment blog: Community Energy – Our villages fight for a hydro power scheme